So, I’ve Been meaning to do this! 



If you know me, you know I’m a TALKER, hunny. So today, when my voice decided to up and vanish on me, I put my big girl shoes on and embarked on something I’ve been meaning to do for ages…. Start a blog! #NobodyButGod #WontHeDoIt

Soooo, Hello and welcome to!!!!

 I’m excited, nervous, and anxious to let you into my crazy, fabulous, sometimes (most of the time) all over the place life!! It’s together though Dah-ling! I’m doing the most, but I make it look good, and somewhat easy (for the most part). You know, that whole pumping milk at work thing, while still looking fab is a lil hard, BUT I made it happen!!!!

Boy, I tell you, it’s hard being Sasha Nicole. I’m a full time FABULOUS working mother of two adorably handsome boys (Bear & Puddy) hmm hmm, that’s what I call them… 

Oh yes, and the wife of an uber smart, crazy mellow, perfectly rational Hydrogeologist. I know… Crazy, right?!? I married a unicorn, SCORE!

Come into my world,child. Hop on this ride with me. It’s hard, wild, crazy, fun, emotional, challenging, rewarding, cutthroat, oh and yeah FABuuuulooous!!!!


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