When you Look Good you Feel Good… And then you can Take over the WORLD! 


My main goal in life and for this blog is to inspire women to be fabulous, EVEN with everything you’ve got going on in your daily life. It can be hectic, girl, I know, But trust me…. It will make a difference in your mood and overall well being. 
I know, I know, I know, it sounds soooooo cliche— but when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you do good!!! Ask my kids, and my husband. When I’m feeling good, I’m paitient, attentive, and in an overall good space. It makes the world of difference.  

Listen to the lady who had a natural birth to an almost 10 pound baby with full lashes on. Yes, #dontjudge, and face beat (beat=makeup done). I felt so exhilarated after the experience- and was a complete mess! After loving up and nursing my boo, I cleaned myself up while he was getting weighed and wiped down. Mommy needed a wipe down too! I proceeded to wipe the running mascara and eyeliner mixed with blush down the side of my face, and pulled my sweated out weave into a nice classic bun. I was ready now, to give him ME. I was so into my little prince and he was into me. I wasn’t looking and feeling like a truck hit me- even though my body had been through the trauma. The charge nurse came in the room to check on me and asked, ” wow, are you the lady that just had the baby?” She couldn’t believe it. My energy and spirit was on 100! See what a little primping can do for your life?!? 

Oh, wait. Where was I going with this?? Why be down,depressed, and crabby when you can feel good ALL ( most) THE TIME!!!! It starts with us ladies. So let’s keep it cute and fabulous!!! Let’s evolve together lovelies. Let’s make the world a better place one fab diva at a time! 

Whether you’re a mom, wife, teacher, postal worker, attorney, IT tech, cleaning lady or a doctor; well, I might be pushing it with that one …Unless, I mean, I can totally bling up some scrubs….HA, You get the point. Always try to present your best self!! We all deserve to feel beautiful, desired, happy, and POWERFUL!!! 

The people around us will be happier too! 


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