Can’t Believe I did “IT” with rollers in my hair!!!


Ok, so for as long as I could remember, my mom would always tell me to keep myself together. Even if you’re in the house all day. Be presentable for your husband when he gets off work….. #message Especially if you’ve been home all day.


It was like some type of ancient jamaican secret to keeping your mate, that only I knew about. I would tell people this and they’d think I was crazy!


My mom was super regal and just overall dope. She always looked amazing, even if she was just sashaying around the house. It’s something I strive for in my daily life as well. Looking good and feeling good, evokes a certain aura around you that is just magical! Hello?!?! My life! This is why I’m so shocked that I actually let lose and felt comfortable doing “the do” with my boo the other night with 3 sponge rollers in my hair, ha!!!! I would’ve NEVER done that on any other night, but child, we were In the moment and it was Tha Bomb!

 I talk a lot about confidence and always presenting your best self, so in that moment where I would’ve sadly turned hubby down, I let go, got into it and really had a great time.

I say all that to say, yes, you want to come across as sexy and appealing, and yes, that’s my message to all my fellow dolls. But, sometimes—–( I’m learning) it’s ok to get down and dirty with some sponge rollers in your hair….Just not on a regular basis, ok! Let’s TRY to keep it cute!

Love, Love,

Sasha Nicole

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