SUPER Mommy to The Rescue!


As you know, I wear many hats. Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, stylist, therapist ( ask my friends and co workers about that one) TV producer, class parent, professional organizer, interior Revamper extroidonaire!

It’s a lot, but wouldn’t change it for the world. Unfortunately, I feel like my kids and my husband suffer sometimes because I’m not there as much as I’d like  to be. Trust me, they wanna see their fab mommy, ha!

With that being said, today was the day to bring in the Xmas gifts for Bears teachers and my coworkers. So, of course after my show yesterday, and a dinner meeting with a publicist friend, I ran my cute little savy self over to Marshall’s.. This is, of course, after my 2 hour commute. Not complaining, not complaining….

Don’t wanna toot my own horn or anything but, I’m a really good gift giver. I like to give folks things they really want, or at least, what I think they really want, haha! Anywho after sifting through candles, picture frames,fur throws, and all the rest, I ran next door to the market to pick up gift cards and flowers for the teachers, and of course some wine… Told you I was a good gifter. It doesn’t  end there..get home to my poor husband who hadn’t seen me since the night before looking like ” who is this crazy person, and where is my wife??” Child, didn’t even have time to answer him.

I quickly did a mad dash and turnt myself into a magic elf. Wrapping gifts and cutting flowers till 2 am. Good news is…it ALL got done, and everything came out great!!!


I was even able to wake up , get the boys dressed and brought Bear to school to drop off the teacher gifts!


Yay, super mommy!!! Hello…. Why do you think I have this cape on?!? 


So, What’s “SHE” wearing?!?!

Cape Dress| Sheinside

Boots| Forever21

Necklace| Forever21



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