Learn How to Use What you Have….The Results will be Riveting!!!


Some friends have been asking me, “Girl, where do you get all these clothes from?”, or “Where do you keep it all?”

I know it can be very challenging to create the perfect outfit… It’s not always easy, BUT, you you gotta work with whatcha got!

I got home last night AFTER midnight and had to be back up at 5:30am. Pack lunches, bottles, and the whole bit. I thought I would have all this pre-planning thing down pact with the new year, ummmm, nope— it’s not really working out that way!

Just like yesterday, I started the morning with NO idea what I was gonna wear. Not good—in my book. I like to think things out. Make the right decisions. But you know what— that train was not waiting on me and I had to get going.  So, here’s how I came up with my fab outfit today!

1.Started with a plain black blazer… I’ve worn it numerous times before


2. You need something ” interesting ” to MAKE the outfit. That can happen with the shirt or pant/skirt.  I of course opted for the crazy pants —– wore those too


3. And a shirt that’s complimentary- you could’ve gone with a solid, but WHY?!?! Go Bold or go HOME!!! #repeat #noshame


It’s all about the layers!!! It really creates a look that’s stimulating and fun!!!

Oh wait, and last but definitely not least, a lil bling!! My necklace didn’t even make it onto my neck until I ran on the train. Like, I was literally driving my car with the necklace in my hand. Girl, YES!

Ta-Da— the look of the day is born!!!!!


So, what’s SHE Wearing??!

Blazer: @H&M

Striped Tank: @Target

Crazy Pants: @Target

Necklace: @H&M


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