The Hardest Part about Moving Forward….

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My parents taught me everything I know about love & life!! I grew up in a very traditional Jamaican household. Great  music, lots of love, and plenty of laughter. Mom always instilled in me to look great when your husband gets home from work and make sure dinner is hot and ready- and have enough energy to get it going on in the bedroom! They always inspired me to follow my dreams and keep pushing forward.

look back

I was working at my dream job at The Tyra banks show when I got the call that my mother had stage 4 lung cancer (never smoked a day in her life) this was just after 5 months of being married.

I left my job and my brand new husband to take care of her. She was and is everything to me. My mom was a warrior until the end. Still smiling and loving us through it all, never feeling sorry for herself. After 6 months of everyday therapy, numerous hospital stays and chemo therapy, I was able to get her up and healthy again- she requested that I immediately go home and “make a baby” I did and she was able to meet my son Jordan before her death in 2010.


A first in my culture, we cremated my mom and put her ashes in the ocean by my house. Remembering her death is not a time of mourning for me, instead its a reminder, to enjoy life to the fullest, and keep moving forward into the direction of my dreams.


So, What’s SHE Wearing?!?!

Cape: @Calson

Striped Turtleneck : @oldnavy

Vintage Italian Leather Skirt: Vintage

Booties: @kohls

Necklace: @hm 

Love, Love, 

Sasha Nicole


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