Fierce Look Of The Day, Inspiration


My moms style has influenced me since I was a little girl. She instilled in me that standing out was a good thing–especially in the name of fashion! I’m so grateful to have so many dope pieces from her collection that are still fresh and fashion forward today. What is old is definitely new again. Mom purchased these @chanelofficial sandals 20 years ago, and the brand just released them for their 2016 spring collection! Thanks for always looking out for me mom!
CHECK OUT THE 2016 VERSION… Really, Really, NEED this Caftan, by the way…
So what’s “SHE” wearing?!?
Blazer | @hm
Linen shirt | @hm
Jeans| @oldnavy
Shoes| @chanelofficial
Sunnies| @rayban
πŸ“·| @gregpic17
Love, Love,
Sasha Nicole



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